We specialize in film and photo support for events.

We know it. We are a team of well-coordinated operators, photographers, drone pilots and outstanding editors. We served small corporate events, premieres, themed parties and mass events.

Why it is worth investing in a professional video report?

  • Good quality films are great PR material, presenting your company or event in the media world,
  • The video from the event may contain interviews and elements of product presentation that will build the corporate tone of the material, 
  • Our work records important events in the life of the firm, building the company’s archive and recalling wonderful moments.

See some examples from our portfolio. We distinguished 4 different accounts.

SELENA – company run

Selena took part in a run for companies organized in Wroclaw.

Our task was to present the company’s team against the background of the entire event.

Thanks to the recording of the event by two operators and from a drone – we managed to obtain a very dynamic and attractive form of report.

The entirety is complemented by a set of reportage photos. Our presence at the event was limited to 4 hours. Thanks to many years of experience, we managed to build a complete report in such a short time.

MotoClassic Wrocław

Motoclassic Wroclaw is the largest event in Central Europe devoted to classic motorization.

It is an event where many important things are happening at the same time – often in different places in Wroclaw.

The event was operated by 5 operators, 2 photographers, a reporter, drone pilots and two assistants.

With terabytes of material collected during the 3 days of work have been done two montages. Short version, promoting the event, and full version, constituting a comprehensive summary of MotoClassic.

Porsche Trackdays

On commission of Porsche, we have made reports on Trackday events.

The events were held on German race tracks – Eurospeedway Lausitzring and Billster Berg.

The material contains elements of directed statements and technically difficult shots of vehicles in motion, also from a drone.

We work throughout Europe, we have our own transport of equipment and teams – a bus adapted to legally record other vehicles in traffic at the back of our vehicle.

Softy vs Polish Lody

A promotional event – organized for a new gastronomic brand.

The whole idea, creation, production, direction and editing are our authorship.

What types of events do we support?

Company events

Parties in clubs, halls, company headquarters and outdoor events.

Outdoor events

Depending on the size of the event, we select the appropriate amount of service. Aerial shots are used in almost every project.

Reports from the fair

We support trade fairs in Poland and in Europe. We present the stand and the company’s offer from the best side.

Mass events

We have adequate personnel and equipment to handle a large-scale event with several attractions taking place at the same time.


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